Dangerous missions, daring rescues and thrilling non-stop action…Meet the Firefighters.

Dublin Fire Brigade are the largest full time brigade in the country. They provide a fire and emergency response service to 1.2 million people throughout the city and county of Dublin.

Dublin Fire Brigade were founded in 1862 and are administered by Dublin City Council

Headquarters and Fire Stations

Dublin Fire Brigade Headquarters is located on Townsend Street in Dublin city centre. They also maintain 12 fulltime stations across their six operational areas. In addition, they have 2 ‘retained’ stations. (A retained station is one that is not staffed fulltime, but relies on voluntary support.)

Manpower and Operations

Dublin Fire Brigade has an estimated strength of 900 people. Each fulltime station is staffed seven days a week by officers and firefighters. This ensures continuous protection for life and property.

Dublin Fire Service Command Centre
Regional Control Centre

Dublin Fire Brigade Regional Control Centre is located at HQ. This centre manages how they respond to fires, accidents and emergencies. The Regional Control Centre processes more than 133,000 calls annually. It is also responsible for mobilising emergency responses in areas of Leinster and Ulster.

Dublin Fire Brigade Paramedic
Ambulance Service

They are the only fire brigade in Ireland to provide an emergency ambulance service. An ambulance is based at each fulltime station with the exception of Dun Laoghaire. Two ambulances are also based at Headquarters. Every firefighter is trained to Paramedic Standard and continuously rotates from ambulance to fire duties.

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