Dangerous missions, daring rescues and thrilling non-stop action…Meet the Firefighters.

  • Season 1. Episode 1 RTÉ 1

    The parade at the start of each watch’s shift is a vital part of the firefighter’s day. We join the crew in Dublin Fire and Rescue’s Headquarters as they prepare for the day ahead, checking all their equipment thoroughly and making sure that everything is ready for when the next emergency call comes in.

    When a dangerous fire breaks out in an abandoned health centre in a Dublin suburb, it requires all of the firefighters’ training and preparation to contain the blaze.

    Across town, a serious collision between a car and a pedestrian leaves both parties requiring urgent medical attention, while in the city centre firefighters rush to the scene of a collision between a bus and a taxi, with several passengers requiring treatment for possible injuries.

    And the swift water response team launch an urgent search and rescue mission after the control room receives a call from someone who has spotted what looks like a person floating in the river.

  • Season 1. Episode 2 RTÉ 1

    In the control room, the firefighters are busy taking all kinds of emergency calls from around the Dublin region.

    When Dublin Fire and Rescue’s advanced paramedics are sent to a Dublin hostel to try to revive a young man whose heart has stopped after a drug overdose, their training is key to his survival.

    Every second is crucial if he’s going to survive, and while the ambulance is on the way, the control room operator talks the emergency caller through CPR and operating the defibrillator

    Another call comes in and several fire engines are dispatched to a well-known Dublin bar. A major fire is spreading across its roof and threatens to burn the whole building.

    On another watch across town, the firefighters are called into action when a chip pan fire gets out of control and engulfs an apartment. 

  • Season 1. Episode 3 RTÉ 1

    A large fire breaks out in a network of abandoned storage containers and spreads rapidly from one container to the next. The firefighters are slowly but surely getting the fire under control, when the race to put it out suddenly takes on even greater urgency; there may be a person sleeping inside.

    A young man is arrested for his own safety and then rushed to hospital after overdosing on hallucinogenic drugs at a concert in Dublin’s city centre.

    And four men have to be cut out of their vehicle after a serious collision on the motorway

  • Season 1. Episode 4 RTÉ 1

    The swift water response team evacuate residents trapped in a flooded apartment complex after torrential rain in Dublin.

    Dublin Fire and Rescue battle a roaring fire which threatens to engulf a family home in a Dublin suburb.

    There’s a race against time for firefighters trying to save an elderly woman who has gone into cardiac arrest

    And across town, the firefighters respond to a blazing car fire on a residential street.

  • Season 1. Episode 5 RTÉ 1 

    Firefighters rush to the scene of a major crash in the city centre where a head-on collision with a truck has derailed a Luas tram.

    With smoke billowing from an unidentified location inside an apartment complex, some of the residents are still unaccounted for after an emergency evacuation.

    Across town an elderly man is badly beaten in an assault and needs urgent medical attention from the paramedics.

    And an emergency call to a major fire turns out to be nothing of the sort...but there's more to this story than meets the eye.

  • Season 1. Episode 6 RTÉ 1

    In the dead of night a fire breaks out in a stable on the outskirts of Dublin...

    A high speed collision between two cars on the outskirts of the city leaves a large number of people seriously injured...

    A hazmat team investigates a chemical spill...

    The camaraderie and courage that firefighters rely on to help them do their job every day is reflected in the respect and solidarity they show when one of their number passes away. We join the firefighters as they say farewell to one of their own. 

  • Season 1. Episode 7 RTÉ 1
    A marine rescue exercise in the Irish sea...

    The swift water rescue team are called into action to rescue two people from the river Liffey...

    And with Halloween approaching, the Dublin Fire and Rescue service tackle bonfires, some dangerous anti-social behaviour and the firefighters visit schools in the community to teach children how to enjoy Halloween safely
  • Season 1. Episode 8 RTÉ 1

    With over 80,000 people visiting Croke Park for the All Ireland hurling final, fire prevention officers have to make sure every precaution is taken prior to the big match

    Firefighters tackle a large blaze in a Dublin suburb while across town someone needs to be pulled out from another dangerous fire

    And a dramatic highline rescue exercise at the Poolbeg generating station

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