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After her journey from Dublin Zoo, Sandy the giraffe is ready to meet her new herd. It’s her first time being part of a herd where she might have a potential mate. But how will the Belfast giraffes take to the new arrival?
The hippo calf is growing fast and spending lots of time in the pool with its very protective mother. Team leader Helen and her team are keeping a close eye on her all the same, but so far so good.

After a successful introduction, zookeeper Susan is delighted to find a couple of tiny furry heads poking out of the red panda den, but it doesn’t take the red panda babies long to get over their initial shyness and they’re soon getting up to all kinds of mischief.

Gorilla Mayani is due to give birth at any moment. It’s her first pregnancy and, because she was a hand-raised gorilla, the keepers are a little worried she may not have all the skills she needs to raise her young. Whatever happens, James, Helen and the other keepers are ready to step in and help at any moment.

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