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Aisleen Green

Aisleen Green

Veterinary Nurse / Zookeeper

Favourite Animals:

Gorilla & Sumatran Tiger

Time at Zoo

Since qualifying from University


How did you become a zookeeper?
I always wanted to work with animals as I come from a farming back ground. So I decided that nursing was for me and went through my training in UCD. When qualified I was lucky enough to get the position of vet nurse here at the zoo.

What kind of animals do you take care of?
Gorilla, Orang-utan, Macaque, Gibbons, Spider monkey, red ruffed lemur, ring tailed lemur.

Which are your favourite animals in the Zoo?
Gorilla and Sumatran tiger

Do you have any pets at home?
Yes, 3 Springer spaniels.

What is your most memorable moment in Dublin Zoo?
Most memorable would be hand rearing a snow leopard cub or giving physical therapy to the female Sumatran tiger cub.

What do you love most about your job?
Working with such rare, exotic and in most cases endangered species.


What’s the most difficult thing about your work?
Dealing with the death of an animal that you have worked with for a long time. You get to know them and can get attached very easily.

When you’re not working in the zoo, what other hobbies or interests do you have?
I’m very active and love to surf, sea kayak and travel. Plus having 3 Springer spaniels keeps me pretty busy.

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